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ACC Calls on Lawmakers to Back Bill Preventing Medicare Cuts Jeopardizing Patient Access to Care – Medical Device News Magazine

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) has recently called on lawmakers to support a bill aimed at preventing Medicare cuts that could potentially jeopardize patient access to care. The ACC, a professional medical society representing over 54,000 cardiovascular specialists, is concerned about the impact these cuts could have on patients who rely on Medicare for their healthcare needs.

The proposed legislation, known as the Holding Providers Harmless from Medicare Cuts During COVID-19 Act of 2021, seeks to mitigate the financial strain on healthcare providers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill aims to prevent a scheduled 2% cut in Medicare payments to providers, which was initially implemented as a temporary measure to offset the costs of the pandemic.

The ACC argues that these cuts could have severe consequences for patients, particularly those with cardiovascular conditions who heavily rely on Medicare for their treatments and medications. The organization warns that reduced reimbursements could lead to a decrease in the availability of services and treatments, potentially limiting patient access to necessary care.

Dr. Athena Poppas, President of the ACC, emphasizes the importance of maintaining patient access to care during these challenging times. She states, “Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide, and it is crucial that patients have access to the care they need. The proposed Medicare cuts could hinder our ability to provide high-quality care to our patients, especially those who are most vulnerable.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has already placed significant strain on healthcare systems across the country. Many providers have experienced financial hardships due to increased costs associated with personal protective equipment (PPE), additional staff, and decreased patient volumes. The proposed Medicare cuts would exacerbate these challenges, potentially forcing some providers to reduce services or even close their practices.

The ACC’s call for support from lawmakers is part of a broader effort by medical societies and healthcare organizations to protect patient access to care. These organizations argue that maintaining adequate reimbursement rates is crucial to ensure the sustainability of healthcare practices and the availability of essential services.

The proposed legislation has garnered bipartisan support, with lawmakers recognizing the importance of preventing Medicare cuts during this critical time. The bill aims to provide financial relief to healthcare providers, allowing them to continue delivering high-quality care to patients without compromising access or quality.

In conclusion, the ACC’s call on lawmakers to back the bill preventing Medicare cuts is a crucial step in safeguarding patient access to care. The proposed legislation seeks to mitigate the financial strain on healthcare providers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and prevent potential reductions in services and treatments. By supporting this bill, lawmakers can help ensure that patients, particularly those with cardiovascular conditions, continue to receive the care they need during these challenging times.