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A New App On The Market: Gluroo –

Meet Gluroo, a new, free, collaborative diabetes management app that’s available for download.  

Gluroo, which was built out of necessity by an innovative type 1 diabetes (T1D) dad, connects approved devices to users’ real-time data and actions with loved ones and their healthcare providers. What’s more, Gluroo is constructed for people living with all types of diabetes, so this app can make navigating life with diabetes easier for everyone. 

Badros explained when his son, Jax, was diagnosed with T1D at 7 years old, he started on a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and insulin pump. He immediately found, as a parent, that accessibility was limited to help manage Jax’s needs. That’s because the data on his hand-held personal diabetes management (PDM) system, which his insulin pump was paired with, wasn’t shareable.  

In turn, Badros was determined to find a fix — not only to share real-time data — but to interact with it. And in August of 2020, Gluroo was born. 

“I built Gluroo for my family after trying all the other apps. At the time, there wasn’t anything that lets us use our phone to track our son’s logging, to know when he bolused or corrected for a low, and allowed us to communicate with him. Gluroo takes what we’ve learned over the last 4 years and makes it available to anyone living with diabetes, whether they manage independently or have help,” Greg Badros, PhD, Founder, CEO and Data Scientist at Gluroo told T1D Exchange. 


Breakdown of the App  

The Gluroo app connects with select Dexcom and Abbott CGM systems, as well as Omnipod and DIY looping devices.  

Gluroo is marketed to families, adults, primary care providers, endocrinologists, and other members of your diabetes care team (including school nurses, loved ones, and others in your support system). By sharing real-time data across everyone’s devices with your “GluCrew,” Gluroo isn’t only connecting the dots in care, it’s also allowing for remote communication. With Gluroo, users can “see” insulin boluses, meal details, pump settings, predictive alerts, and more.  

Moreover, the app offers several integration features to make daily life with diabetes easier. A highlight being the Gluroo “picture scanning” option, which estimates the amount of carbohydrates in food choices. The app calculates insulin needs for the meal, considering any insulin on board.  

Gluroo has several compatible diabetes devices, including the following:  

  • Dexcom G6, G7 
  • Abbott Libre 2, 3 
  • Omnipod DASH, 5 
  • DIY Looping
    *Tandem and Medtronic devices are not currently supported  

Gluroo has several programmable reminders that you can activate in the app, including: 

  • Blood glucose alerts 
  • Device monitoring 
  • Chat-based logging 
  • Motivational nudges 
  • Achievements 


The app is integrated with more than a handful of other Android and Apple apps. You may already have downloaded some of the following: 

  • iOS lock screen widgets 
  • Calendars  
  • Android home screen widgets  
  • Wear OS watch face  
  • Apple HealthKit 
  • Nightscout 
  • Glokoo 
  • OP5 

With over 32,000 users, the Gluroo app is set to touch as many lives as possible, improving and streamlining care. As one of the only remote monitoring apps on the market, it’s giving users, as well as their diabetes care team, peace of mind. That’s because, with Gluroo, your entire team is connected with shared and actionable information.  

“We’ve built Gluroo to make living your best life with diabetes easier, whether you’re the person with diabetes or it’s someone you love,” said Badros in a statement.  

Do you want to Gluroo? Consider giving Gluroo a try — it’s available for Android and Apple devices — and it’s only a few clicks away.