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A Busy Day for Ginkgo Bioworks

It is a remarkable day for Ginkgo Bioworks, a notable player in the field of synthetic biology, as the company announced today the acquisitions of two AI-driven drug discovery startups, Reverie Labs and Patch Biosciences, and an RNA platform company, Proof Diagnostics.

This move marks a significant expansion of Ginkgo’s capabilities in gene-based diagnostics, artificial intelligence-generated compounds, and gene editing technologies.

The acquisitions are part of Ginkgo’s broader strategy to enhance its research and development offerings through a new Ginkgo Technology Network, a pioneering ecosystem, comprising over 25 partners across various sectors such as AI, genetic medicines, biologics, and manufacturing. The aim is to enhance customer R&D programs through integrated capabilities.

With over 15 years of experience in integrating platform technologies and forming strategic partnerships, Ginkgo stands as a veteran systems integrator. Now the company makes a quite vivid move to broaden its service offerings with this network, as well as with newly acquired startups.

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